Author's self-portrait We’re having some cold weather right now! It was 19°F this morning for my walk. I bundled up. They’re still working on the heat at work, so we’ve got portable heaters running. Hopefully, it’ll get fixed today!


My new computer from AVADirect arrived today. I didn’t have much time to do work with it—but it is fast! Over the next couple weeks, I hope to get everything installed and set up. I’ve looked forward to having a faster machine! Many of the things I want to do with data analysis, coding, and illustration should benefit from the new computer. I can’t wait to see how some of the programs work given the improved specifications. And games. This computer will actually be able to work with the Xbox One. I’ll want to get a controller adapter for it.

In any case, right now I’ve only gotten as far as getting Chrome installed and I’ve started transferring files. Even with a fast connection and computer, it’ll take a while.