Post cover art

I enjoy books. I can’t get enough time to read all of the books I want to read. Right now I have over a dozen books on my currently reading list. I’m reading some more actively than others, of course. Plus, a number of the titles are for my MLIS program (not that it really matters).

It’s amazing to me that many people don’t feel this same drive to read.

Many of the books I have stacking up right now are titles that I have picked up because I want to learn more about so many things. Much of it relates to writing, fiction, art, coding, or design. Today I placed an order for a number of books for our home renovation. That will take years, but I plan to get started after this semester ends and continue to work on it as time (and money) allows.

Star Trek Continues

Have you watched Star Trek Continues? I know, it’s not a book. I really enjoyed this fan creation.

I think they’re doing three more episodes. Can’t wait.