Daily Thoughts 130: Tired

Author's selfie A bit tired today. I prioritized getting my assignments done yesterday, a good thing considered, but that meant very little sleep last night. I don’t mind so much, except there are things that I need to do today. Getting things done yesterday comes at the expense of things today when sleep is sacrificed. That sleep debt needs to be paid. I can’t say it has done much for my mood today!

Autism Talk

I watched Rosie King’s short TED Talk today. I’ve been watching a few of these videos, with people talking about their experiences and views on ASD.

infinite diversity in infinite combinations – Memory Alpha

Challenges Delayed

I’d like to get back to working on my various other projects, but right now I’m going to prioritize finishing this semester. I only have a few weeks left. That also means final projects and papers, so I’ll need to focus and use my time effectively.

Author: Ryan M. Williams

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