Author's selfie My streak broke! It’s fine. My brain really likes streaks. Yesterday I was busy with other things and ended up just not taking the time to write down my thoughts.

The best thing about yesterday? I finally was able to meet my new nephew. I’d seen pictures, but we took the time to drop by my brother’s place and visit. It was great seeing them, and of course, lots of fun to see our nephew. With everything going on in my life, it can be a challenge sometimes. It sort of makes me feel a bit like a grandparent, given the age difference between my brother and I. I remember holding my brother when he was just a baby (I was already a teenager).

Otherwise, the day was mostly errands and studying, or a combination. I sat out shopping in Starbucks in order to get more studying done. Afterward, at home, I mostly worked on my assignments until just before bed.


I’m posting this and then turning my focus to more assignments and studying. I’m off tomorrow, mostly to have time to get more done. Just over a month now until the end of the semester. I need to focus and stay on top of things, and tackle the final assignments.