Author's selfie I feeling rather worn down today and tired. Up early this morning, then a busy day at work (even though it feels like I didn’t get as much done as I’d like). I have quite a lot to do for my classes or I’d hit the sack even though it’s early. I need to make some progress on my assignments. I have several due in the next few days and I haven’t found much time to work on them yet.

Other Projects

As much as I enjoy my library studies, I have many other projects that I’d like to work on. My challenges. Studies outside of school. The massive reboot of my fiction, more time on my flash fiction project, and several others. I have a writer’s toolkit that I want to work on. I have plans for a library advocacy and design project to launch. Plus many other website, coding, data analysis, and visualization projects. I don’t have much longer left this semester. I’ll have more time for everything else. At least, I’ll have time for some of the other projects. I’ll still have to decide which to focus on. And that does include my final portfolio project for the degree, too.

Emilie Autumn

I’d never heard of Emilie Autumn until my random Wikipedia page came up with one of her albums today.

I’ve been listening to her albums this evening.