Self-Portrait of the authorThis morning I hit the road again, going to the Hoquiam Timberland Regional Library and the Montesano Timberland Regional Library. Nice—cold!—day to be out in the libraries. Good places for folks to go, warm up, read a book or magazine, and have a place to go.

The One With All The (Reboot) Novels

I thought it’d be nice to post a list of all of the novels I plan to republish or publish as part of my massive reboot. Will these all happen next year? No. I’d love to have them all out next year, that’s not going to happen. I don’t plan to release any of them until I feel they’re ready. I do plan to share my progress. This list outlines (by genre and series) the scope of the reboot, twenty-two novels, plus I included four unfinished titles planned. That doesn’t include all of the other books and series I have planned! If I included those, it’d be a much longer list. I never run out of things to write, illustrate, and share.

Science Fiction

Moreau Society

Dark Matters

Brock Marsden, private detective and member of the Moreau Society. He uses Galactic technology to incorporate the best traits of other species into his genetic makeup, in order to become a better detective and solve the toughest cases.

The Gingerbread House

Brock races to save his planet from a killer holding the entire world hostage.

Past Lives

Brock Marsden, a private detective, enhanced with the DNA of other species. Now he faces his toughest case — to rescue friends trapped in the past he wanted to forget!

Past Dark

The crew of the Terran Expedition ship Australia went to Cyeechie to explore and discovered instead betrayal, death and the start of a war that would change humanity’s future.

Synthetic Pain (planned)

Land Lubbers

Cabin Boys

Two brothers, Douglas and Brennan Dunne, sought a life in the new world with their uncle—never expecting to be abducted by a crew of mutated sea creatures!

Sea Legs

For now, Douglas and Brennan Dunne served Captain Atlas—the Great White Shark transformed by their uncle’s serum. Tides changed, and Douglas waited for their chance to escape!

Murky Waters (planned)


Stowaway to Eternity

Chief Steward Abel Michaels of the CrunchBang starship Neutron’s Sonata, investigates a murder on a cruise to a black hole.

Time Retrievers

Diann Walker, her pug Simon, and her golden retriever Niki solve mysteries by tracking people back through time.

Europan Holiday

His fans know him as Europa Nick, the guy online pretending to explore Europa in a tiny space-age cabin. Pretending, until he finds himself trapped in a miracle.


Goblin Alley

The Bloodied Fang

A high school cross country star in the run of his life—across two worlds!

The Eleven Lords

Hunted by an ancient evil, Dalton faces his greatest race yet!

Trow Forge

Three lives intersect in a race that to save—or damn—two worlds.

Dark/Urban/Horror Fantasy

Dead Things

Waking Dead Things 

Ordinary high school teen worried about getting her driver’s license, dates and passing classes. Oh, and dead things.

Dreaming Dead Things

Dead things in high school? Bad. At college? Deadly!

Killing Dead Things

In Bramson Bay, Oregon, dead things stir and Ravyn must put them down.

Filming Dead Things

The legendary filmmaker that shared dead things with the world—the story behind the films.

Chaining Dead Things (planned)

Pierce County

Dirty Old Vampires

New schools are the worst―especially when the Matt, the cute guy in her class, ends up being a really old vampire! Perv. Gross. It’s up to Natalie to stop him!

Naughty Young Werewolves (planned)



This house hides secrets. A history of death, a house unlucky for those who step inside. Beneath this house lies terror!

Full Moon Nights

It’s 2030 and humanity is nearly extinct. The meek did not inherit the Earth.


Watching You Sleep

An insomniac comic book store owner meets a narcoleptic science fiction writer.

Waiting For Cake

Tessa pulled her life together after her husband died, except for romance. Looking in a mirror, she couldn’t imagine anyone loving her again.


The Task of Auntie Dido

Feline sleuth C. Auguste Dupin, and his librarian Penny Copper investigate a mystery.


That’s the list. Twenty-two novels to put out in hardcover, plus more novels to write. If I included all of the books that I have notes about, it would triple the length of this list! As I’d mentioned earlier, I don’t plan on getting these all out in 2017. I don’t know if I’ll get any of them out in 2017. I need to review each book, deal with design, layout, typography, and cover art! I’ll release them when they’re done. Granted, I don’t want it to take forever either!

Right now, I’m on winter break. At the end of January I’ll be starting my last semester of classes, but then I also have my e-portfolio to complete in the fall semester. During summer, I’ll work on the e-portfolio too. I will have time to work on the reboot starting in June 2017, so about seven months out of the year, but the MLIS degree is the priority.