Author's selfieMy phone gave me the best notification this morning—the StarCraft remastered trailer was posted.

I spent most of the day out running errands and doing other things, but I wanted to post a bit about StarCraft.


The game that changed everything. I’ve loved this game, replayed it, and come back to it again and again. I haven’t had time to finish the StarCraft II campaigns, but this is one of my absolute favorites. I’ve waited for years for Blizzard to officially announce the remastered edition. I can’t wait. I hope they do a beautiful collector’s edition. And it comes out in the summer when I’ll actually have time! I can’t wait to play through this whole story again.

It’ll keep me busy for a long time. At least until WarCraft Remastered.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Zerg sketchI watched the first episode of Tabletop’s Mice and Mystics game while sketching this one. Really excited about the upcoming release!