Author's selfieThis morning provided a rainy walk in the dark. Enjoyable, actually. My sleep was interrupted last night, but the walk proved refreshing. I enjoyed working at the Oakville Timberland Regional Library today. It is always nice to be in a library. Around noon the rain clouds parted and I enjoyed the sun coming out for a while.

Pen Names

Cover art for Many GenresWhen I first started publishing my novels I used pen names for different genres. The last big change I made in my plans was retiring the pen names with a goal to put everything under my own name. I’ve gone back and forth on the topic, and even published an article “One Writer, Many Genres” in Many Genres, One Craft edited by Michael A. Arnzen & Heidi Ruby Miller.

In consolidating my work under a single name I felt it made it easier for people to find my work, and I trust that readers are capable of judging for themselves (given good covers and descriptions) whether or not a book is of interest. Most readers can see if a book is going to be science fiction, fantasy, horror, mystery, or romance. I have plenty of titles that also blur those lines, and yet I had different pen names. I don’t think that is necessary for most of my work.

With one exception.

Cover art for Watching You SleepRomance. I write romance. At least, I’ve written a couple romances. I wouldn’t (and couldn’t) have written them without Kate’s support, insight, and encouragement. I enjoyed both, and plan to write more. After talking to her about it, I’ve decided to keep the pen name used for romances—Kate N. Ryan. It’s my favorite pen name, and also the most accurate description for these books. When I get to the new massive reboot project, that will be the one pen name I keep. It’ll be an open pen name, I’m not trying to keep it a secret at all. But I think it’ll also fit with reader expectations and it will draw a point of distinction between these books and my other (predominately science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, and mystery). I enjoy these books. It’ll be good to keep them with this pen name. I’m looking forward to the new editions and a new website!

Daily Sketch Challenge

Character sketchThis evening I enjoyed some time trying a character sketch. I’ve talked about relaxing and not worrying about being “good.” People are challenging! All the more reason to keep giving it a shot. Especially with the reboot coming up since many of the covers (all?) will feature artwork around characters!