Author's selfieI enjoyed my walk this morning. Sticking to the strategy I posted about yesterday, I went out first thing and didn’t turn on the computer until after I got back well over 7,000 steps later. I’ll finish the rest of my 10,000 steps during the day.

Rogue One!

I’m excited that Rogue One is out today (streaming). I’m looking forward to watching it again as soon as I have time. I do have a backlog of movies I haven’t watched yet.

Quick Sort

Want to organize your books? Learn how to sort quickly with this great video.

So What?

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic posted about the main point in a visualization with So What?, a blog post about being clear about the point we’re trying to make. This is an area I plan to spend more time on in the future but haven’t done so lately due to time constraints.

The post reminded me to think more broadly about the question and it’s application to things like illustration and cover art. A book cover must communicate with a reader in an instant, catch their attention, and convey something about the experience offered by the book. It is something to keep in mind as I approach my massive reboot after this semester. I need to take the time necessary to develop each aspect of the books. Not to the point of obsessing over perfection, but to the point that I’m satisfied it is the best effort I can make at this time.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Daily Sketch ChallengeBefore settling in to study this evening, I wanted to spend a few minutes working on a sketch. Time passes quickly in a flow state, so I was surprised when my sketch break ended!