Daily Thoughts 108: Hanging Out

Author's selfieOne of my favorite things in this world is the simple hammock. I have a couple variations from Hammock Sky—the large Brazilian hammock and a chair version. Both make me happy. I also have a Hennessy hammock, which is a great camping hammock. One of my fond childhood memories is spending time in a net hammock hung between two trees on a warm sunny day, reading a book, and enjoying a piece of Easter chocolate. I remember the sense of peace and satisfaction in that moment.

I’m spending time this morning hanging out in the hammock while reading for class.


No challenge work today. I’m not feeling too well this evening.

Author: Ryan M. Williams

Writer and artist, Ryan M. Williams, author of more than twenty novels, writes across a range of genres including fantasy, science fiction, romance, paranormal, and mystery. He holds a Master of Arts from Seton Hill University in writing popular fiction. His short fiction has appeared in anthologies from Pocket Books, WMG Publishing, and in On Spec Magazine. He currently attends San Jose State University, pursuing a Master of Information and Library Science degree.