My son disrupted my sleep last night. He woke, scared by the wind blowing outside, at 3 AM. Although he tried to go back to sleep, that didn’t work so we were both up by 3:30 AM. On top of that, I’d gone to bed late. I dozed while he played and then later I was able to go back to sleep for a couple hours since I’d taken the day off.

Artificial Intelligence and Xenophobia

I enjoyed this short film, Rise. I hadn’t seen it before. It’s an extremely common take on the development of artificial intelligence and our fear of the other. At its heart, such stories are stories of xenophobia. Even of our children, who may adopt ways that are different than our own, extended to these artificial creations.

I have several audiobooks on my list to listen to that focus on the topic of artificial intelligence.

In reading more this semester about globalization, we see this same concern in regards to migration. Even though a strong argument exists for freer migration, we have politicians and others demonizing immigrants and wanting to make it harder for people to move—violating a basic human right of movement. In the US we’re seeing a further rise in this anti-immigration view with aggressive increases in restrictions and deportations. These policies cost the economy, violate human rights, and directly impact people’s lives. As an American, I’m able to freely move among the states. If I decide I want to relocate to Oregon, no problem. Maine? Fine. It doesn’t matter. I can move freely, seek other opportunities without restriction. It’s strange that people who enjoy that sort of freedom of movement would seek to restrict others. Of course, xenophobia plays a significant role in these responses to the ‘other’ and science fiction mirrors that with such stories.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Baby sketchFor today’s sketch challenge I decided to tackle a person. It’s a challenge getting people right! We’re so tuned to seeing people that getting it wrong is both obvious and not at the same time. Something might not look right, but until you have the skills developed to know how to correct it, it isn’t always obvious. There are observation skills to develop, certainly. In any case, as I’ve said. It doesn’t have to be good. I enjoy each drawing!