Author's selfie Today was another day of prioritizing sleep. In part because I woke up in the night and had trouble getting back to sleep. By the time I did get up, there wasn’t much time left in my morning before heading off to the library. Tackling my daily challenges had to wait and I ended up not making time for my writing. I’ll try again tomorrow!

Daily Sketch Challenge

Landscape SketchAs I’ve said before, it doesn’t have to be good.  I just keep having fun. I keep trying different things. None of this is anything that I’m worrying about. When I get done with this semester I plan to do additional drawing and painting outside of the daily challenge—eventually building up to creating new original cover art for all of the 20+ books in the reboot!

President Against Libraries

Next up on the block to be eliminated: Institute of Museum and Library Services. The American Library Association issued a statement.

The range of services provided to millions of Americans through LSTA grants is matched only by the creativity of the libraries that receive them: veterans transitioning to civilian life, small businesses seeking to expand their business online, summer reading programs, resources for blind and hearing-impaired patrons, resume writing and job skills workshops and computer coding courses to teach youth 21st century job skills.

The mission of the Institute of Museum and Library Services “is to inspire libraries and museums to advance innovation, lifelong learning, and cultural and civic engagement. We provide leadership through research, policy development, and grant making.”