Author's selfieThis morning I prioritized walking. It was a terrific morning for it. The moon was out and bright enough that I almost didn’t need my headlight (this was just before 5 AM). I did end up running out of time to do much else this morning.

That’s fine, it just means taking care of things this evening instead. I started with my daily sketch challenge.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Sketch of baby hippo FionaI enjoy drawing animals. They’re interesting and fun to draw. I enjoy drawing people too, but when I watched the latest video with Fiona, the baby hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo, I had to make her the subject of today’s sketch! I’d liked to have had more time to work on it but there wasn’t time if I was going to have time to write too.


After spending time on my sketch, I spent a little time playing World of WarCraft with my son watching. He wants me to get to the Darkmoon Fair next month with a new character, so I’m working on that when I take breaks.

Daily Writing Challenge

I continued working on my story The Order today. No clear idea what I’m doing with this, exactly. It’s not a science fiction story. It’s a mainstream story with a non-gendered character. In the video you’ll see that I’m cycling through the story at points, going back up to earlier parts tweaking and working on the story before continuing.

The Secret Scripture

This looks good, sad, and interesting. I think I’d like to read the book first.