Author's selfieI prioritized sleeping again this morning, which meant that I didn’t have time to go take my walk. That’s a trade-off, sleep or walk? My default answer is to walk, but when I really need to get more sleep I try to listen to my body.

Daily Writing Challenge

Screenshot of Write!Along with sketching, I’ve been working on a writing challenge with a bit less success. I decided to go ahead and record the writing session, much as I’ve done with the sketching and see how that went. I’m using Write! for this story. It’s a distraction-free text editor that I’m trying out. It has a number of features I like, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Sketch of PoppyI had about 15 minutes this morning to work on my daily sketch. I picked one of our dogs as the subject today. This is Poppy. I used a reference photo from when she was much younger. She’s 17 years old now!