Self-portrait of the authorIt has been a busy day! I’ve been going since I got up this morning. First, walking. Then out to the Evergreen State College library to return books I checked out for this semester’s project. Followed that with shopping, taking the family out to lunch at the Shipwreck Cafe, and then out to see Fantastic Beasts. Worn out!


Cover art for Scratch Programming PlaygroundFor someone on a book-buying fast, I seem to be getting a bunch of books! Not novels. The books today are all nonfiction, some required texts for next semester, and some optional, but helpful titles like Scratch Programming Playground.

I’m taking a course in gamifying information, which will involve some Scratch programming. It looks like a lot of fun, and something that I’ll enjoy playing around with before the semester starts. The Globalization book looks interesting, and will no doubt be helpful, but is far more academic. I have another that hasn’t arrived yet today. Should be delivered shortly.


This next semester I’ll have my new computer. I received an email today that it is on the way and should arrive this week. The computer I built over eight years ago continues to slog along, doing the best it can, but parts are wearing out and it is simply behind the times at this point. It will take some time to get everything set up on the new computer. Hopefully, that process will go smoothly.

Fantastic Beasts

If you haven’t already seen Fantastic Beasts, I recommend giving it a shot.

I love the Harry Potter books. The movies, I enjoyed but found they paled so much by comparison to the books. This movie was just that—a movie set in the wizarding world, but one that we haven’t seen before. A different time, a different setting, and new and interesting characters. Out of all of the movies in this universe, I enjoyed this one the most.