An erotic journey of discovery.

As a fine artist Dylan thought he knew everything about the human form, about finding the inner beauty within each of the people that modeled for him.

Until Geraldine shows up and becomes his new muse, helping him awaken his divine gift and discover his true self. His true purpose.

Dylan thought he painted the inner beauty in his models — the truth? A divine, erotic miracle!

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erotica — the new adventure

Take a breath.

Notice how the cool morning air feels on your skin. Focus on your breath. In, and out.

There. I feel better.

Each time I release something new there are emotions mixed up in the release. Excitement. Dread. Hope. Fear. Pride. Disappointment. These emotions grapple with each other for my attention. Mind movies play out imagined scenarios. People really love the book and the sales take off. No one notices. Most will take one look at the cover and keep going. Others will look at the cover and be intrigued that it isn’t straight stock art. Family members will love the book, or they will hate it.

I don’t think it’s uncommon for writers and artists to go through this process when they send work out into the world. Heinlein’s rules #4: You must put it on the market. It’s one of the hardest rules to follow sometimes. Whether you’re going the traditional route and submitting to an editor, or doing the indie thing and putting it out yourself, it is often a challenge. I struggle with this every time I put something out because it isn’t only my writing, but also my artwork and design work that is out there.

Cupid Awakening launches my Divine Artist serial, a paranormal erotica story that I wanted to write. I haven’t published any erotica before this point, so this is new territory for me as a writer. I’ve toyed with the idea. I’ve flirted with writing something for a long time and let my own insecurities hold me back. No more.

Mystery, horror, fantasy, science fiction, and romance — those are the genres that I’ve focused on, blended and explored. Sometimes things have gotten sexy, but that wasn’t the primary focus of the books I’ve written. It is a focus of the Divine Artist series. This is mature audience territory. It’s graphic content. If that’s not something you want when you read, I suggest you skip this one.

On the other hand, if you enjoy my work, and enjoy erotica, then pour a glass of your favorite beverage, snuggle up and take a chance with me on something new and exciting.

I’ve tried to bring engaging and interesting characters to this story. I find the world I’m creating fascinating. It’s a blast to write. It combines my love of paranormal fiction with passionate, sexy storytelling. I’ve written three of these serial stories so far and anticipate writing more. The next couple will come out as soon as I can get them ready to release, and I’ll see after that what comes next.