Daily Thoughts 115: Mice and Mystics

Author's selfieGetting things done today, hanging out studying, reading, watching lectures, and playing an incredibly complicated, cute, and involved RPG—Mice & Mystics. Playing the game wasn’t just for fun (though it was that), it was also for a class assignment. Yep, I got to play a tabletop game for class today!

Mice & Mystics

Thanks to Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop on YouTube, we’ve discovered many fun games. This one combines RPG and tabletop elements into a fun fantasy adventure. A complicated adventure. For a sense of that, check out the first video on how to play.

We took pictures and stopped playing. Why? Because figuring it all out made my brain hurt! I gradually developed a headache and needed a break so we stopped after clearing the first room, flipping it and starting on the next, leaving our mice in the raging waters below and surrounded by cockroaches.

Daily Sketch Challenge

Mice and Mystics sketchInspired by the game, I attempted a short sketch. I didn’t get as far as I’d have liked. The weird thing? The unoccupied hammock chair moving in the background. Spooky.

My Little Piece of the Star Trek Future

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds IX

I watched Star Trek reruns as a child. The original series had already ended by the time I discovered it. As a result, I saw the episodes out of order, whenever they aired, and many of them more than once. I always remembered the excitement I felt when a less commonly aired episode turned up. Kirk, Spock, and Bones off on another adventure was always exciting.

I was extremely excited when I saw the announcement for Star Trek: the Next Generation. We lived in a very rural location in eastern Washington. Our small TV set could hardly get a signal past all the towering pines and cedars. Even so, I was sitting in front of the TV when TNG aired. Seeing the show through the static did little to dampen my enthusiasm. It was new Star Trek!

Years later, deciding to cut the cable, my wife and I waited for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine to finish its run before we canceled the cable. This was difficult given that Star Trek: Voyager was still on the air. By this point, however, it was clear that we would be able to watch the entire shows on DVD fairly soon.

Now we have the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. I’ve seen lots of posts about it, and there’s a good one over on Book Riot.

My little piece of Star Trek came with my story “The Tribbles’ Pagh” appearing in Star Trek Strange New Worlds IX. Like many people I enjoyed David Gerrold’s creations in the original series and on DS9 when they revisited the tribbles. At the end of that episode the characters are left with tribbles on the station. In the next episode, there’s no mention of the tribbles again. As a fan, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to explore what might happen if the tribbles made it down to Bajor? Would the Bajorans react like the Klingons?

It was tons of fun to write. I’m happy to have had the chance to share one little piece of Star Trek.

“Live long, and prosper.”