Stories 2009

I wrote or published these stories back in 2009, or earlier. I’ve been writing for much longer, but these are the ones I started with when I first started down the path of an independent writer/artist.

What Dragged in the Cat?

In this quiet suburban neighborhood, Monica Clayton runs a successful online business collecting and selling old books.

Violence shatters her peaceful life with the terrifying death of her cat, Scrunch. Something stalks her.

Toying with her. Taunting.

To survive she must uncover the secret, and answer the question. What dragged in the cat? First published in Alien Skin Magazine, 2003

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Your Eyes

Wyatt wanted a family. Like his best friend Hank.

Or at least a babezee.

The catalog said that the doctors used bits of your hair to make the babezee. Your eyes, your hair color, and everything. Almost like a real baby, only better, because your babezee never grew up.

His to love, for always. Perfect. 2007

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The Copyleft Heart

Clifford walks the dogs. He cleans the house.  The typical duties of a DM-1000 series android.

Clifford knows he lacks the smooth lines and grace of the current generation of androids. But when he sees a newer DF-3000 series gynoid at the dog park, wearing designer clothes like a human, he can’t help but fall in love.

Sharing his feelings, that’s another problem. 2009

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Ken believes in saving the world one pedal-stroke at a time. In comfort. His vehicle of choice, a low-slung, bright yellow recumbent trike. Not a tricycle for kids, or a granny trike, but an expensive high-end performance trike.

He rides the trike everywhere. To the store. For fun out on the bike path. And for his daily commute to work. The only problem? Inattentive motorists. No matter how many flags he adds to the trike, how many lights flash and blink, not even the fact that sitting on the trike he presents a big cross-section, he sometimes feels like it only makes him a bigger target.

Usually he enjoys commuting on the trike. Some days, it’s a PAIN. 2009

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So Little Time

The people in Seatco know death. Perched on the coast, battered by ocean storms, seeing the boats go out every day, they know the dangers.

Sometimes men come back dead and still walking around.  Tied to this earth until they resolve whatever keeps them around. Nathan Whedon gambled with his life and lost.

Veronica Bell dreams of life beyond Seatco.  Sometimes life gives you so little time. 2009

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Space Monkeys

IRiS, the Interstellar Recovery Spacecraft, captured samples from a  comet passing through the solar system and found something remarkable.

Danny lives in his own world, finding connections through video games and gesture. Emmett does what all good fathers do and seeks for new ways to connect with his son. 

Sometimes first contact begins right here at home.

Written 2009, published in On Spec Magazine, Summer 2011

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Emma’s dreams take reality with the purchase  of her first house. A chance to start over, start fresh with her son Emmett. A new future reborn as she rebuilds the house.

The Plan.

A plan disrupted by unwelcome visitors in the night, turning dreams into nightmares.


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The Good Samaritan

Two girls died. Word spread across the whole campus. Don’t go out alone, only with friends. Don’t trust strange guys.

Jane works the late shift at the campus library. That means leaving alone. In the dark. Not her favorite thing, but she needs the job.


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Earth learns real fast that aliens exist when an extraterrestrial battle erupts overhead. Exotic debris rains down across the planet, causing massive damage and paralyzing governments at a national and local levels.

Just like in the town of Vail. A rotten stink chokes the town from a crashed alien ship.

Chris Dart volunteers for the cleanup crew. Get in, take care of the mess, and get out.

Simple plan, for an otherworldly problem.


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This Book is Haunted

Librarian Scott Taylor enjoys the quiet at the end of the day. Picking up the books, straightening up, spending a few minutes to get the library ready for the next day.

Books have a way of capturing memories and feelings. And tonight Scott discovers that a connection to a book lasts.


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Witness to Dust

The Dust came and Death followed. An alien pandemic unleashed on the world, transforming people into Dusters.

They called themselves Witnesses. Witness to what?

Delancie Haines didn’t know. She read the news, saw the reports about the new minority, hated and feared by everyone. Stories of loved ones transformed, turning on their own families. She didn’t understand.

Not until Death chased her down the trail.


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Quantum Uncertainty

Private Detective Barry Holliday, Doc to his friends, likes industrial cases for the pay check, but otherwise could leave it. The job from Q-Prime looks ordinary.

Track down the hacker responsible for stealing private corporate data, retrieve the information and turn the hacker over to the cops.

Even the easiest jobs have a way of leading to unexpected places. 


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