Writer, illustrator, librarian, Ryan M. Williams, author of more than twenty novels, writes across a range of genres including fantasy, science fiction, romance, paranormal, and mystery. He received his Master of Library and Information Science degree from San José State University and a Master of Arts degree from Seton Hill University in writing popular fiction. His short fiction has appeared in anthologies from Pocket Books, WMG Publishing, and in On Spec Magazine.

Ryan’s publishing company is Glittering Throng Press.

Together with Kate Williams, he also writes as Kate N. Ryan — writing romance, romantic comedy.

A note on retired pen names.

Originally I used pen names for genre-identification. I wanted a way for readers to quickly identify the genre. The thing is, readers are smart, and that wasn’t the best idea. The book should clearly convey the genre, and a name doesn’t for a new reader! That said, after some consideration, I decided to keep my Kate N. Ryan name for romance.

Here’s the breakdown of the names I used:

  • Ryan M. Williams — Science fiction, although within that there’s a lot of different sorts of stories! My name was always the catch-all, and now everything except romance is under this name.
  • Tennessee Hicks — Paranormal or urban fantasy, can be dark but not necessarily. Some young adult.
  • R.M. Haag — “dark fantasy” or paranormal, often edgier or more graphic than stories by Hicks, tending towards older protagonists.
  • Ryan M. Welch — Mystery stories
  • Michael Burges — Fantasy, other-world fantasy, or lighter fantasy, or adventure fantasy