Weekly Story

Earlier today I shared this week’s story: Proposal, a science fiction story about community and individuality.

Library Updates

Most of my time ends up involving the library in some way. I spend my days at the library and come home to study and work on my MLIS degree. This past week I’ve been working on a variety of things including:

  • An interlocal agreement.
  • Procedures and documentation.
  • Data and analytics.
  • Hiring new employees.
  • Training new employees.

I also had the opportunity to work out in the Lacey, Elma and McCleary Timberland Libraries, which was a lot of fun. At Lacey I overheard a family who had just received new library cards talking about how surprised they were at all of the things that the library had to offer, from computers to craft books and so much more. The father particularly sounded amazed at what the library offered. Since I was on the other side of the aisle shelving it was a great unprompted thing to hear.

As far as studies go I spent time working on web development, analyzing data and deciding what to do for my final semester projects for those classes, and reference questions. It was a good week!

Writing and Art: the #20MinutesADay Challenge

Today I started the #20MinutesADay Challenge from Michael Nobbs at Sustainably Creative. Michael is the author of Drawing Your Life, which was how I first discovered his work. All of the instruction, books and tutorials in the world won’t make me a better artist if I don’t actually draw anything. I’m using the challenge to develop the habit of drawing each day. I don’t have any particular projects that I’m drawing for right now—though I do sort of have Drive-By Stories in mind because there is artwork that I want to do for that project. Right now, however, I’m only focusing on the actual habit of drawing.

Speaking of Drive-By Stories, I completed two more stories this week for that project. One, “Emmett’s Epiphanies,” came in at 1,306 words; the other, “A Simple Misunderstanding,” ended up at 1,594 words. The former covers an entire lifetime and the latter is primarily a single incident. I’m enjoying these short stories, each written during my commute to the library and then redrafted to clean up the transcription. I started using Dragon’s autotranscription folder option so once I drop the recording into the folder it automatically transcribes it. When I check back later I have the transcribed version to work with.

Since my time is limited I’m not attempting at this point to write a new story on each commute. In a standard week I typically have ten opportunities (to/from work) to dictate a story. I plan to do 1-3 per week since I need time to redraft the stories from the transcription and I also have other demands on my time. I’m using other my commutes to listen to audiobooks checked out from the library, usually via Overdrive.

I have also managed to do a bit of coding for Drive-By Stories to lay out major sections. I’ll continue to develop it as time allows. I don’t plan on worrying about any specific launch plans. Maybe by the end of April? That’s probably optimistic with final projects and everything else coming up. I also have jury summons which might throw a kink in things and at the end of April I’m presenting at the WLA conference in Spokane.