Daily Thoughts 93: Code School

Author's SelfieI started exploring Code School’s git lessons today as an exercise for iSchool. It wasn’t specifically required. I just needed a game to earn badges and I started with tryGit. I enjoyed that, and since Git is something that I’ve been meaning to learn to use, I decided I’d continue working with it past that brief introduction.

I’m interested in using Git not only for development projects (of which I have many) but also fiction and other projects. It should be interesting! A quick search turns many other examples of writers seeing the advantages of having version control on their books. It raises a lot of interesting possibilities.

Deadpool 2

I loved Deadpool! I can’t wait until 2018 for the next one.

Daily Thoughts 92: BookFit

Author's selfieThis morning I got up and structured my time to focus on the things I wanted to do right away. I meditated first thing. I didn’t walk because I was going out to the Hoodsport library today to move the collection and knew I wouldn’t need any other exercise! Because I was going to practice BookFittm!

BookFit, that is moving boxes of books, works your entire body. No other exercise gets the same combination of full-body workout! It’s a feet-to-head workout that engages each muscle group as you lift, bend, carry, push, pull and wrestle those boxes into place.

Seriously, it really is a workout. After moving 300+ boxes of books I know I’m going to feel this tomorrow!

Daily Sketch

Forest sketch I’m having fun just tackling whatever come up each day. The point is to take that few minutes to sit down and draw. It’s also why I’m not developing any of these sketches. The point isn’t to produce a finished piece of art. I’m simply having fun and developing a habit of practice! Today completes my second week of drawing 5 days per week.

Daily Thoughts 91: Overload

Author's selfie I ran out of time to tackle everything this morning. Again! Late to bed, late rising, and prioritized time with my son over my own goals.


Feel like your problems are too big?

Okay, so my problems aren’t Kong-sized. (Totally want to see this!) My problems are much more people-sized. And really, I’m lucky to have the problems that I do. Not complaining!

It’s just that I’ve been busy lately and I have more to do than time to do everything that I want to do. Even my challenges, as small as they are, are hard to fit in some days (this week especially).

Daily Sketch Challenge

Jessica Jones sketchThat said, I did end up spending some time this evening sketching.

Daily Thoughts 90: Dentist and Late Night Streaking

Author's SelfieYet again, I didn’t get to my challenges until later in the day. I started the day going to the dentist before heading off to the library. You know what that means, right?

Take a minute to enjoy the brilliance (not just my smile).

Love it! My visit wasn’t anything like that, of course! I’ve been going to the same dentist for something like twenty years now, and my hygienist (Stacie) did a great job today.

Late Night Streaking

Sketch of a bearWhat were you thinking of? I was thinking that I haven’t had a chance today to get in my challenges, but the power of streaks is such that I took the time anyway to get them done. A few minutes, it isn’t too much to ask!

I didn’t write (dictate) during my commute today. Instead, I listened to SuperBetter by Jane McGonigal. I hadn’t heard about it until recently. I’m enjoying it! I finished up my writing challenge this evening after doing the sketch.

Daily Thoughts 89: Streaks, Social Networks

Author's selfie I have a new class starting today, this one focused on social network analysis. It’s the last class I need for the digital assets certification that I’ve been working on along with the MLIS. I’ve been looking forward to digging into this topic. It’s something relevant not only to libraries, but also any creative entrepreneur. It promises to be a fast-paced class!

Alien: Covenant

Do I have to say more? This comes out right when the semester ends. Sounds like perfect timing!

Challenge Updates

Elephant sketchThe last couple days I haven’t made time in the morning to get my drawing done, so I’ve done it in the evening. I’d like to try and keep it in the morning so I can go about my day having already accomplished it, but either way it’s good to find some time to draw.

I dictated on the way to work this morning, continuing the new story I started this week. Still not done!