Daily Thoughts 62: OCLC

Author's selfie It has been quite the day. I’ve enjoyed an opportunity to discuss a great many things that I’ve been thinking about, with other library professionals. The day started not long after I got up, and really went all day for the past twelve hours. We did take some breaks, enjoyed some meals, but even then it was mostly a conversation between library folk about libraries. I joked at dinner that it’d be fun to record the conversation and share it on YouTube. It was suggested, in response, that such a recording would not encourage people to join the profession. I don’t know about that, but then I’m biased. I think libraries do great things and have tremendous opportunities to make exciting changes going forward.

In any case, it’s getting late. Tomorrow we go back for more, and then straight from there to the airport and back home. I won’t get back until late tomorrow night, so I’m going to leave this short.

Daily Thoughts 61: Dublin, OH and their Amazing Library

Author's selfie I’ve enjoyed my first day in Dublin, OH. I did what librarians tend to do in a new city—go and see the library. I also walked along the Indian Run Falls trail (near both the hotel and library). On the way back I stopped at the local Kroger’s store for some organic, vegan, and chocolate supplies. The dark chocolate covered cranberries are particularly yummy! Munchies gathered, I returned to work remotely and to study. This evening includes dinner before the main event tomorrow and Friday.

Columbus Metropolitan Library | Dublin

View inside the Dublin LibraryA highlight of the day was visiting the Dublin Library. This is a nice library! With parking! Plus it’s adjacent to the park, near schools, and across the street from where new apartments are being built. I’m told it’s the second busiest in the CML system and it was in use today while I was there. Apparently, they’re actually going to build a new library in the same spot with three floors. Amazing.

I’d like to put together something more detailed about what I liked, but that’s going to have to wait until I get back.